Regional media partners

  • Primorskaya gazeta

    Primorskaya gazeta – is a regional newspaper, ranked in top ten massmedia of Primorsky territory. Its online edition daily delivers current local and national news on economics, finance, technology, sports, entertainment and more through storytelling, instructions, infographs, photos and videos. The newspaper has a unique status as official regional publisher of legislative initiatives. In newsweek issue the most notable political, economic, sports and cultural events of the region are published. Thus, Primorskaya Gazeta is useful and most popular for heads of municipal governments, enterprises, as well as lawyers, businessmen, accountants and economists and other active citizens. 10 thousand copies of the newspaper is distributed over whole region, including Vladivostok, Artem, Ussuriisk, Nakhodka, Spassk-Dalny and other cities.

    Konstantin Bakhirev — Director
  • PrimaMedia

    PrimaMedia is a news agency and media communication holding, founded in 2005 in the Russian Far East. Today, PrimaMedia’s website is read by over half a million people who have chosen it as their main source of information. The total readership of the holding exceeds 5 million people per month. The company has moved beyond its online presence, and now has experience in organizing important events for the Far East such as the Far Eastern Media Summit, TEEN Media (forum for young journalists and bloggers), the Literature of Pacific Russia International Festival, the Russian MeetUp Tech Forum, the International Fishermen Congress, the Nature Without Borders International Environmental Forum, the Golden Bridge Business Awards, and others. Our priorities are quality, reliability and speed. Keeping to these principles in our work, we are confidently moving towards our goal of creating a federal network of news agencies in Russia.

    Viktor Sukhanov — Russian media manager
  • Public television of Primorye

    Public television of Primorye established in 1998. -Audience – 2 000 000 people in Primorsky Krai - Broadcast coverage of more than 91% of the population of Primorye -Licensed broadcasting zone – Primorsky Krai - Potential coverage - the whole territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries - Time vesania around the clock, every day - The main focus of the TV channel - news and information - Content broadcasting - news, thematic programs, films, licensed series and movies - Method of distribution – 100 repeaters in the territory of Primorye, a cable network, TVi, interet, satellite "YAMAL-201" (KU – BAND, 10990-frequency 2170-stream)

    Tatyana Ustyugova — Editor-in-chief
  • The "Konkurent"

    The Konkurent business weekly was founded in 1991 and is one of the most recognizable business media brands in the Far East. Konkurent: - Dedicated to doing business in Primorye, but also covers lifestyle issues and other reader interests - Analyzes what is happening from the standpoint of independent observers. The editorial office is not affected by financial considerations. The newspaper is privately owned - Writes about politics in terms of its impact on the economy and business This publication is for those who: - Address issues related to the management of people, capital and business processes - Are focused on career development - Seek to competently manage finances - Constantly grow as an individual A fresh issue awaits you on Tuesday in the best hotels, restaurants and cafes of Vladivostok, in business centres and municipal institutions, onboard aircraft, and in retail outlets.

    Victor Staritsin — Editor-in-chief, Konkurent business weekly
  • YSIA

    YSIA is the leading state news agency of Yakutia. In the 28 years since it was founded, YSIA correspondents have published millions of news items about life in the region. A large databank has been created at YSIA, and its own network has been set up to collect information in the cities and district centres of the republic. The news feed is updated daily with hundreds of news items from all over the republic. The YSIA photo reports are used by district, city, republic, Russian and foreign publications. There are tens of thousands of photos in the YSIA archive, covering all the significant events of the republic and country as a whole. The Yakut-Sakha Information Agency has been awarded the Golden Website of Russia 2003 prize, and in the New Media category of the Russian National Award it was proclaimed Media Manager of Russia 2004. In 2006, YSIA was nominated for the most important Russian award – the Russian National Olympus in the category Mass Media. It has been repeatedly recognized as the best publication of the year by the Yakutia Union of Journalists.
  • Portal of the city of Chita and Trans-Baikal Territory

    ZAB.RU provides the latest news from the Zabaikalsky Krai and the Far East. It features analytics, interviews, special projects and photo reports. With a daily readership of more than 30,000 people, it is one of the most popular and cited news websites in the region. Our correspondents are always at the centre of events. ZAB.RU provides the most important political and economic news in the region and beyond. The Zabaykal Media Group also includes ZAB.TV, a 24/7 cable channel with its own news and entertainment content, the political newspaper Extra-Reklama and several radio stations. The largest media group in Zabaikalsky Krai provides news 24/7.
  • «Gubernia»

    Gubernia is a popular local television channel that is changing in step with the modern media world. In almost 21 years since it first broadcasted, Gubernia has become the most authoritative regional channel. We have viewers from all over Khabarovsky Krai, and have proved that local TV can be powerful. We discuss topics of importance to the people of the region, including problems they all face, and support the residents of Khabarovsky Krai. Every day the whole region chooses us. We have adapted the broadcasting grid for local viewers to suit their routine and lifestyle. We schedule our programmes during the morning and evening prime time to attract the maximum number of viewers. We broadcast 24/7. Almost 70% of workday content is our own product. Morning With Gubernia, News, Big City Live, Gonna Be Tasty and Crime Scene have consistently high ratings. According to TNS, Gubernia has the highest viewership among all regional channels. This is a result of the quality of our programmes. The people of Khabarovsky Krai know that they can always access live broadcasts of the most important events on our channel – Victory Parade, Kontinental Hockey League matches, the annual graduation party in the regional capital, and regional and city day fireworks. A live stream of the World Bandy Championship, Judo National Championship and Soccer National League matches are now available to viewers of our channel. On top of that, Gubernia is not only a news and entertainment channel. Over the years we have implemented several important social projects: Hurry to Help – a crowdfunding TV marathon to help sick children Memory Album – the life and stories of veterans from the Far East Waiting for Mom – series of stories about children from an orphanage Do Business – national project programmes aimed at supporting entrepreneurs We are proud to say that Gubernia is synonymous with experience and professionalism. Besides our viewer popularity, we have regularly been praised by Russian TV professionals for the quality of our news and entertainment programmes and visual design. We have won Mediabrand awards and 10 TEFI statuettes – the most prestigious television competition in Russia, equivalent to the American Emmy Awards. And finally, Gubernia employs the region’s top professionals, with a creative team of reporters, broadcasters, designers, cameramen, directors and editors.
  • Khabarovsk Krai Today

    The Khabarovsk Krai Today news agency ( presents the latest news from the entire region 24/7. Khabarovsk Krai Today was established to cover the most significant events of Khabarovsky Krai and provide its residents with up-to-date and accurate information. We report the news in real time both on our website and social media accounts. Our website is mobile friendly. On our website Khabarovsky residents can get comprehensive and accurate information on important issues related to the development of the region such as the progress of the Priority Social and Economic Development Area program, the Far Eastern hectare and the Free Port. The website came online two and a half years ago and now gets 130,000 unique visitors per month.

    Oksana Alekseevna — chief editor of the “Khabarovsky Territory Today” news agency
  • «Vostok 24»

    «Vostok 24» is a TV channel of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company «Vladivostok», that, for the first time in Russia, connected the whole Far Eastern Federal District. Today, it is being watched all over the biggest region of Russia. The channel proposes news, special reports, interviews, live streams of important regional events and documentaries, filmed on the shores of the Pacific ocean. «Vostok 24» helps its viewers to discover this part of Russia, making the region more attractive.

    Svetlana Ogneva — head of the Vladivostok’s branch of The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company
  • NBC “Sakha”

    The State Budgetary Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Sakha National Broadcasting Company. The CEO of the company is Oleg Markov. The National Broadcasting Company Sakha was established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on 3 March 1992. Today the Sakha National Broadcasting Company is one of the largest companies in the Far Eastern Federal District. It has 615 professional creative and technical staff members, and 22 offices in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and in Moscow. NBC Sakha is the only regional broadcasting company in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), focused on creating socially significant projects: socio-political, socio-economic, cultural, spiritual and educational programmes for children broadcasted throughout the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). It has four TV channels: Sakha NBC, Sakha HD, Mammoth, Yakutia 24 and two radio channels: Sakha Radio – Sakha araadjyata, Tetym – Sakha Sirin araadjyata – Tetim – Radio of the Republic of Sakha. In 2020, Sakha NBC is ready to provide four 24/7 channels in HD quality in its regional package. The company pays considerable attention to cooperation with the federal media. It collaborates with the news services of Channel One, Russia 24, RT, Ren TV, OTR, 360, and others. The TV reach is 99.7% and the radio reach is 99.2% of the population of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

    Oleg Markov — General Director.
  • Best in Khabarovsk

    The magazine has been published monthly in Khabarovsk for 16 years. We value stability and the well-considered editorial policy of our magazine. Over recent years our magazine has gained a reputation as an authoritative publication, with accessible information, a simple design and original articles. Readership – 168,000 people. Our magazine is focused on the best people of the region, important events, unique facilities and companies that not only the Khabarovsky Krai, but the whole country can be proud of. All this contributes to the formation of the image of a region with a rich history and pleasant lifestyle. The high standards of the publication have been repeatedly noted by our readers, including from other federal subjects of the country, and confirmed by awards at national and regional competitions. The magazine is distributed in Khabarovsk, Birobidzhan and Komsomolsk-on-Amur in banks, cultural institutions, cafes and restaurants, in the regional government and the city administration, and onboard private Vostok airline flights. The magazine is sold in Khabarovsk, Birobidzhan and Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

    Zhanna Naumenko — Director

    The inter-regional magazine FAR EAST CAPITAL has been published in Vladivostok since May 2000. Its publisher is Publishing Company Zolotoy Rog LLC and its founder is the Vladivostok Public Journalists Organization of Zolotoy Rog Newspaper. This full-colour glossy edition is published monthly on 80–132 A4 format pages with a circulation of 6,500 copies. Key topics: FEC’s target market is business people in the Far East. It provides information on social and economic affairs, relations between business and the state, corporate activities, industry and commodity market overviews, regional banking news, crime, etc. Geography and distribution: Primorye Territory, Khabarovsky Krai, the Magadan, Kamchatka, Sakhalin and Amur Regions, the Chukotka Autonomous Area and Jewish Autonomous Region. The magazine is distributed on a subscription basis, in retail outlets, at major exhibitions and important presentations in the Far East, at international events, as the inflight magazine of Domodedovo Airlines, Korean Air, Aeroflot, Siberia, and in SV sleeping cars operated by Far East Railways. There is a direct delivery service to the cities of Siberia and the central regions of Russia. Readers: top and mid-level managers of Far Eastern industrial and financial companies, entrepreneurs, the regional political elite, economists, university professors, economically active members of the public.

    Andrey Pushkarev — General Director/Chief Editor of LLC "Zolotoy Rog" Publishing Company"
  • Regional Information Agency Birobidzhan

    The Limited Liability Company Strategy Plus (Regional Information Agency Birobidzhan) is a media holding consisting of: • NTK TV channel – a publicly available television channel available in the federal subject JAO (21st Button – regional news, programmes, stories, advertising), • Avtoradio-Birobidzhan radio station (broadcasted throughout the JAO) • STS TV channel (advertising, broadcasting in all media) • Regional news website (the website is an officially registered media outlet in the Russian Federation). The RIA Birobidzhan media holding not only distributes but also produces content of any format and complexity.

    Alexey Slavin — Director of the media holding RIA Birobidzhan (Strategy Plus LLC)
  • Vostok-Teleinform

    The Vostok-Teleinform news agency was founded in Ulan-Ude in April 2005. It has been a successful part of the media landscape of the region as a supplier of up-to-date and accurate information on various topics including the economy and social policy, news coming out of companies and public organizations, the environmental situation in the region and environmental activities, the situation in the mineral resources sector, employment, infrastructure and transport and much more. Every day up to 50 new exclusive posts appear on the website about life in Buryatia and situation in the political arena, about new laws adopted by the Republic and on changes to government officials, on the situation in rural farming, subsoil use, education and pre-school education, entrepreneurship, ecology and environmental protection, about the problems faced by residents of the Republic, on the work of public organizations, and so on. By maintaining close cooperation with the government of Buryatia, the parliament of the Republic, and the largest industrial companies, our journalists keep their finger on the pulse of the most important political and economic events in the region. The goal of Vostok-Teleinform is to share information about the most important events of the Republic. Officials of ministries and departments at the republican level, representatives of the federal authorities, public organizations and companies are the main newsmakers and experts. Our Information Agency is committed to objectivity, efficiency and accuracy. Vostok-Teleinform has revamped its website twice and now is an easy-to-use resource where you can easily find news items through the search function and get news about economics, politics, education, science, religion, the environment, and so on. The website hosts online conferences, there is a Media Review section, where you can enjoy interesting articles and content from the Republic of Buryatia and federal media. In addition, there is a special section where anyone can post a news article subject to editorial review. The website address is: While Vostok Teleinform is of course not the only website in Buryatia, it is one of the Republic’s oldest news agencies. The purpose of the agency is to create an objective news source for the region. Our main topics are economics, politics and social issues. Our policy does not allow poor-quality information to be posted on our website, since we care about our image. The information agency operates online which, as you know, has no boundaries. Experts have noted structural changes in the domestic media system due to the establishment and development of a new type of media – online journalism. There is no more accessible source of information than the internet, which is why media journalists working online have a special responsibility. After all, newspapers or magazines have a specific circulation, which means that the articles and content they offer can be accessed by a specific number of people. But it is impossible to calculate exactly how many people read the news posted online. If you search News Vostok-Teleinform in Yandex, 90,000 pages are indexed. Vostok-Teleinform not only posts news in real time on the website, but also sends news via a mailing list with about 200 addresses – the media of the republic and neighbouring regions, federal publications, ministries and departments, organizations and companies that need to keep up to date with the latest news in Buryatia.

    Anzhelika Meshkova — Director.
  • Kamchatka news agency

    Kamchatka daily news, photos and videos about the Kamchatka Region and its residents. Multi-camera shooting, live stream videos, creation of video products.
  • Прочукотку

    PROCHUKOTKU.RU news portal All about Chukotka – news, articles, opinions and photos.
  • The Far Eastern Business newspaper “Zolotoy Rog”

    The Far Eastern Business newspaper Zolotoy Rog (registered by the Ministry of Press of the Russian Federation PI No. 77-16054 on 4 August 2003) is considered the leading business newspaper in the Russian Far East, repeatedly winning the All-Russian competitions: Zolotoy Gong of Alliance of the Heads of Regional Media (2003, 2011), Made in Russia (Business Against Corruption), Delovaya Rossiya, The Economic Revival of Russia of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Union of Journalists of Russia as the best regional publication, SMIrotvorets of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation for its coverage of municipalities, Trademark as the Best Regional Brand of the CCI of Primorye. In 2011, Zolotoy Rog won the All-Russian competition Doverie. Since 2007, Zolotoy Rog has annually been included in the Golden Press Fund of Russia. In 2013, the newspaper Zolotoy Rog won the Customs Olympus in Russia as the only media outlet. In 2014, Zolotoy Rog was praised for its high level of professionalism by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Moscow. In 2015 Zolotoy Rog was recognized as the Regional Brand (Golden Prize) in a competition held by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Primorye Territory and Khabarovsky Krai. Features of the publication: - Frequency of release: weekly, on Tuesdays - Format А3 – 262х360 mm (page size 940 sq. cm) - Print: black-and-white and colour (4 + 1), 8 colour pages per issue - Language – Russian - Circulation: 9,000 copies - Pages per issue: 24–32 - Topics covered: a business newspaper with reliable information on the economic life of the region and the activities of government bodies, covering issues related to social development, business, transport, logistics, foreign economic activities, finance, the labour market and the environment - Online version: – over 90,000 visitors a month - Distribution area: Vladivostok, Primorye Territory and Khabarovsky Krai - Distribution methods: subscription, retail, target delivery, inflight (Vladivostok to Moscow and other regions of the Far Eastern Federal District), banks, hotels - 1st place among the printed media of Primorye Territory in the ranking of the All-Russian Agency Medialogiya based on the results of 2015 - Experience spanning more than 10 years in the provision of similar services with the state authorities About the Publisher. The founder and publisher of the newspaper, OOO Zolotoy Rog Publishing Company, released its first issue of Zolotoy Rog in 31 May 1992, and today it produces five media publications: the Far Eastern Business newspaper Zolotoy Rog, an interregional business magazine Dalnevostochny Capital, a medical publication Journal Zdorovya, a directory for school graduates Kuda poiti uchit’sya, the online publication ZRPRESS.Ru and the websites and The company organizes the annual Business Award Company of the Year and Manager of the Year, Primorye Territory.

    Andrey Pushkarev — General Director/Chief Editor of LLC "Zolotoy Rog" Publishing Company"
  • Amur Regional Television

    Amur Regional Television is the youngest television company in Blagoveshchensk. In November 2019, it will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The first news cast aired in November 2009. A year later, it turned into a full-fledged TV channel with original content and live broadcasting. Up to 6 news releases, 'In the Spotlight' and 'Orange Morning' shows were broadcasted each day. In 2017, AOTV won the Roskomnadzor's competition and received the status of a regional public television channel, as well as the 21 frequency on cable networks and IP-television. In 2018, the channel rebranding brought on a new design, logo, and a new broadcasting grid. However, the channel remains an informational and analytical force with more than 20 news releases per day. The editors are capturing new platforms: the website and the Instagram account. Amur Regional Television is the first and only television company in the Amur Region that can live broadcast public events.