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  • Independent Petroleum Co. (NNK)

    NNK is a vertically integrated holding company whose activities are distributed across eight regions of the Russian Federation. Its main activities are searching, exploring and developing oil and gas fields, refining oil, as well as producing and offloading oil products, including via its own filling station chain in the Far Eastern Federal District. Over its five years in existence, the Group has successfully strengthened its position on the country’s oil and gas market, so today – and rightly so – it is among one of the ten largest companies in Russia for oil reserves.
  • Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, Public Joint-Stock Company (FGC UES, PJSC)

    FGC UES, PJSC (a member of Rosseti Group) is one of the world’s largest public electric grid companies by the length of power lines and transformer capacity. It was established in 2002 as part of restructuring of the electric power industry as monopoly operator of the Unified National Electric Grid. FGC’s area of responsibility covers 145.9 thousand km of high-voltage transmission lines and 958 substations with the total installed capacity of 352 thousand MVA. The company ensures reliable energy supply to consumers in 79 regions of Russia. PJSC Rosseti owns 80.13% of shares in the company. FGC’s headcount is 22 thousand people. Chairman of the Management Board – Andrey Murov.

    Andrey Murov — Chairman of FGC UES Management Board

    Philips is a leading health technology company focused on improving people's health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy living and prevention, to diagnosis, treatment and home care. Philips leverages advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solutions. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company is a leader in diagnostic imaging, image-guided therapy, patient monitoring and health informatics, as well as in consumer health and home care. Philips' health technology portfolio generated 2017 sales of EUR 17.8 billion and employs approximately 74,000 employees with sales and services in more than 100 countries.

    Maxim Kuznetsov — CEO, Philips Russia and CIS
  • LLC PepsiCo Holdings

    PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with net revenues of more than $64 billion and a product portfolio that includes 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. PepsiCo is the largest food and beverage company in Russia*. PepsiCo is also Russia’s largest industrial processor of potatoes and one of the largest processors of raw milk. Around 19 000 employees work at central and regional offices in Russia, as well as at numerous production sites of the company. Guiding PepsiCo is our vision to Be the Global Leader in Convenient Foods and Beverages by Winning with Purpose. “Winning with Purpose” reflects our ambition to win sustainably in the marketplace and embed purpose into all aspects of the business. For more information, visit www.pepsico.com *According to the “Expert 600”-2018 ranking of the largest companies by sales volume by the ranking agency “Expert RA”.

    Neil Sturrock — President PepsiCo Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Caucasus and Central Asia
  • Orimi Group of Companies

    Orimi Group of Companies is the largest producer of tea and roasted coffee in Russia. Orimi Group of Companies is rated in 400 largest Russian companies list published by “Expert” magazine. The Group integrates all functions for creating and promoting its consumer products including import of bulk tea and coffee from the major origin countries, development of unique proprietary tea and coffee blends, production of all types of tea and coffee consumer products, multi-level production and management control systems, logistics, sales, marketing, advertising support, customs clearance and export. The company brands – Greenfield and TESS teas, coffees Jardin – are among most well-known and popular in Russia. The major asset of Orimi Group of Companies is Orimi LLC tea and coffee producing factory. Orimi LLC factory is the key production facility of Russia’s tea and coffee industry. It is included in the List of Strategic Enterprises of Russia approved by the country’s cabinet of ministers. Orimi products are sold in the EU, the USA, Canada, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the CIS countries.

    Evnevich Alexander — Board of Directors Chairman Sergey Kasyanenko — Executive Board Chairman
  • JSC “Vostochny Port”

    JSC “Vostochny Port” is the largest Russian specialized terminal with high-tech coal transshipment. The Company provides export coal transshipment services for various Russian manufacturers. The port cargo turnover reached 24.3 million tons of coal in 2018. Upon the commissioning of the Phase 3 facilities, the cargo turnover of JSC “Vostochny Port” is going to increase up to 50 million tons a year. The enterprise is equipped with the best state-of-the-art equipment for high-tech coal transshipment. JSC “Vostochny Port” uses enclosed facilities including car dumpers, stackers/reclaimers, covered conveyor lines and overturning stations, and shiploaders. JSC “Vostochny Port” is the first coal port in the Far East that obtained a certificate of compliance with ISO 14001:2015 “Environmental Management System: Requirements and Application Guide.” The environmental safety of the enterprise is ensured, in particular, by wind shield structures, dust suppression and aspiration systems, water sprinklers and snow generating machines, as well as industrial water treatment plants.

    Vadim Baibak — Managing Director
  • CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory”

    CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory” is one of the oldest milk processing plants in Krasnodar region. From year to year the factory products wins a gold medals in the nomination “For the best dairy products”, takes top places and has numerous diplomas. Consumers know a trademark “Cow from Korenovka” not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries and the European Union countries. The main products of CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory” are: - Canned milk - Dairy butter - Whole-milk products - Ice cream Factory policy aims to produce environmentally friendly products because we using only natural raw materials in our production process. Daily plant receives more than 600 tons of raw milk and delivers over 500 tons of end products. For all the time of activities of CJSC “Korenovskiy Milk Processing Factory”, the top management implements effectively the measures which are aimed at preserving jobs, modernization and diversification of production, the expansion of jobs due to the construction of new work sections and the expansion of production – today the average number of manpower is more than 2,500 people.

    Igor Moskovtsev — General Director of CJSC “Korenovskiy milk processing factory”
  • EY

    EY is a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and advisory services. EY works together with companies across the CIS and assists them in realizing their business goals. 5,500 professionals work at 19 CIS offices (in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Togliatti, Vladivostok, Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Atyrau, Bishkek, Baku, Kyiv, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Minsk). EY Russia works to the highest international standards. The company is owned by Russian citizens and in total 96% of employees hold Russian citizenship. The corporate governance bodies responsible for key decisions in respect of the company’s development and operating activities also mainly consist of Russian citizens. EY Russia ranked first by RAEX (Expert RA) among the top Russian audit groups and networks over the past five years.

    Alexander Ivlev — CIS Managing Partner, Deputy Regional Accounts Leader for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia, EY
  • Russian Post

    Russian Post is a federal post operator, is included in the Russian Federation strategic companies list. It includes 42,000 offices across the country and has one of the biggest staff – about 335,000 post workers. Operational revenue of Russian Post in 2018 grew by 7% up to 190.4 bln rubles (178.1 bln rubles in 2017). Actual net profit of Russian Post was 3.5 times higher than in 2017 and amounted to 2.7 billion rubles. In 2018, Russian Post processed 433.3 million parcels. Every year, Russian Post delivers over 2.5 billion letters and bills (of them 1 billion letters are from state authorities). Russian Post services about 20 million subscribers in Russia by delivering 1 billion copies of print publications per year. The annual volume of transactions processed by Russian Post is 3.2 trillion rubles (pensions, payments and transfers).

    Nikolay Podguzov — Director General
  • BAIKAL430 deep natural Baikal water

    BAIKAL430 is natural pure water of great Lake BAIKAL from the depth of 430 meters. Russian scientists have confirmed that Baikal deep water is uniquely pure ultra low mineralization water with mineral content stable for millions of years. Nowadays BAIKALSEA Co have the only deep water extraction technology which meet all drinking water and ecological safety standards. We deliver original BAIKAL water to you. Dissolved oxygen volumes and ultra low mineralization create refreshing taste of BAIKAL430 surpassing all other waters. Human civilization has no affection on delivering us original natural water huge Baikal Lake ecosystem. Four BAIKAL430 labels contain different views of the lake. Chose and taste your BAIKAL water.
  • The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network” (RTRN)

    The Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network” (RTRN) is a world’s largest broadcasting network with a major experience of television broadcasting and radio distribution. RTRN provides terrestrial broadcasting of all-Russian popular channels over the territory of Russian Federation. RTRN also serves radio and television channels of both all-Russian and regional types, as well as the channels distributing the programs of the latter. Terrestrial radio and television broadcasting in Russia is provided by 78 republican and regional broadcasting centers (RBC) functioning as RTRN regional branches. Moscow broadcasting signal reaches the regions through satellite and land communication channels. Further broadcasting development, resulting in consistent replacement of analog announcement by digital announcement, constitutes RTRN main objective in 2009−2019.

    Andrey Romanchenko — Director General, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network” (RTRN).
  • SIBUR Holding PJSC

    SIBUR is the leader of the Russian petrochemical industry and one of the largest companies globally in this sector. It has more than 26,000 employees. The Company’s unique vertically integrated business model allows it to create highly competitive products consumed in the chemical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, construction, energy and other industries in 80 countries worldwide. SIBUR helps to reduce CO2 emissions stemming from the burning of oil extraction by-products, such as associated petroleum gas (APG), by recycling them instead. In 2018, SIBUR processed 22.3 billion cubic metres of APG thus cutting greenhouse emissions by 72 million tonnes, which is equivalent to the annual CO2 footprint of a middle-sized European country. In 2018, SIBUR reported revenue of USD 9.1 billion and adjusted EBITDA of USD 3.3 billion.

    Dmitry Konov — Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC SIBUR Holding
  • DOM.RF

    DOM.RF was founded in 1997 and transformed in 2015 into an Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation. It is wholly owned by the Russian Government through the Federal Agency for State Property Management. DOM.RF focuses on national initiatives that aim to improve housing quality and affordability, including by promoting mortgages, developing a mature rental housing market and creating a comfortable urban environment. Its 2018 IFRS net profit was RUB 19.3 bn. DOM.RF’s priorities: • Developing the mortgage and mortgage-backed securities market • Promoting housing construction by bringing federal land plots into development under Federal Law No. 161-FZ • Transforming DOM.RF Bank into an authorised housing construction bank • Fostering the growth of the rental housing market • Creating a comfortable urban environment and contributing to integrated territorial development • Monitoring the housing construction market DOM.RF includes DOM.RF Bank and the Integrated Housing Development Institution Fund. It also includes the Fund for the Protection of Rights of Citizens Participating in Shared-Equity Construction established by the Russian Government.

    Alexander Plutnik — DOM.RF’s CEO and Chairman of the Management Board

    SCHNEIDER GROUP – 500 experts, offices in eight countries, your one-stop partner SCHNEIDER GROUP provides its international clients with the market entry, advisory, and back-office services they need to expand their business into or within Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Our services include market entry support, accounting outsourcing, tax consulting, import, ERP systems (1C, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV), and support in the settlement of disputes and advice on a broad range of legal issues with a focus on compliance, migration, labor, contract, and corporate law. SCHNEIDER GROUP is your one-stop partner in Russian-speaking countries and Poland.

    Ulf Schneider — CEO and President SCHNEIDER GROUP, CEO and Publisher OWC Foreign Trade Publishing House
  • VSK Insurance Company

    VSK Insurance Company has been operating since 1992. It is a multi-line carrier providing services to natural persons and legal entities Russia-wide. The company constantly ranks TOP-10 insurers of the country by premiums in main segments of the insurance market such as motor, personal accidents & diseases, voluntary medical insurance. As of today more than 33 million individuals and 500 thousand organizations have made use of VSK’s products and services. The distribution network includes more than 500 offices in all Russian administrative regions which enables effective support to insurance contracts throughout the country. Annually VSK confirms the highest credit rating ruAA confirmed by Expert Ra for 18 years. Based the achievements of the company in 2015 Fitch Ratings assigned VSK with International Financial Stability rating at “BB” with the outlooks being stable. The company’s outstanding performance was acknowledged by the President of Russia for a major contribution to the development of the insurance industry three times (2002, 2007 and 2017). VSK is the winner of the National Award “Company of the Year” (2013, 2015, 2018) presented to the best Russian enterprises. The Company won 2018 Russian Financial Elite Award in “Reliability” category, and had its Quality Mark title confirmed. VSK Insurance app was acknowledged to be the best service solution by the Time for Innovation Award.

    Oleg Ovsyanitskiy — VSK Insurance Company, CEO, Chairman of the Management Board, member of the Board of directors
  • Association of Volunteer Centers

    The Association of Volunteer Centers is the largest volunteer organization in Russia. It was created in 2014 at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin with the goals of preserving the heritage of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games volunteer programme and developing volunteerism and public involvement in Russia. The Association unites 125 organizations, including: philanthropic foundations, non-profit organizations, university and college volunteer centres, resource centres, and government institutions from 58 Russian regions. By participating in the Association of Volunteer Centers, organizations have the opportunity to serve as the co-organizers of major national volunteer programmes, participate in significant events, and shape the federal agenda on developing volunteerism in Russia. The Association provides organizational, methodological, and informational support, involves volunteer centres in organizing projects, and facilitates the exchange of best practices.

    Artem Metelev — Chairman of a Council of Association of volunteer centers